Welcome from the Congregation

Welcome! It is our pleasure to invite you to Come and See!

Who is welcome to worship and fellowship in our midst? Everyone! Young and old. Short and tall, large and petite. Female, male, gay and straight, and those who are in-between. People of many hues. Christians, and seekers, and those who are curious. People who have no money to spare, and people who have money to share. People who wear holey blue jeans and people who wear suits. Students and retirees. People who can walk upright and people who need the help of walkers and wheelchairs. Everyone is welcome here!

What will happen when you walk in the door on a typical Sunday? You will be greeted with a grin and a handshake. You will be shown to the sanctuary where we worship, just a few footsteps away, and given a bulletin that includes all the prayers and readings you will need for the service. Hymns sung in our worship are located in one of three hymnals, as indicated in the bulletin. We sing, pray, listen to Scriptures, and to a homily which we hope will challenge you to ponder a bit, and we share God’s peace with one another – with a handshake, a bow, a warm hug. Midway through the service we have an offering of announcements and stewardship, and then we continue giving God thanks in the words of the Eucharist (aka Holy Communion). Are you welcome to come to the Table? Yes – to receive the sacraments and/or to receive a blessing. Do you have to be an Episcopalian to participate in Holy Communion? No – all are welcome. Following the sharing of the bread and cup, you may join others to receive a special healing prayer and anointing with oil. And, before you know it, the worship service is done. But our service in the world continues onward and outward!

Curious? Interested? You are welcome to Come and See!